What is the Best Operating System for a Phone?

 November 12, 2014      

I am just sort of curious, although I would guess that it depends a lot on what you want to do and how you use your phone. I do know this one guy who bought a new iPhone and had so many problems with the Operating System that he decided that he wanted to downgrade ios 8 to the previous Apple Operating system. Of course I suspect that they patched it. The thing I dislike about Apple is the fact that they want to be the dictator. I bought the phone from them and so far as I am concerned I do not need them to tell me how I can use it after that. If you have an Android smart phone you are operating in an open source regime. A lot of the stuff that is on it can be upgraded or modified with not one from Samsung having any reason to stick their nose in to it. I am guessing that a Windows Phone is pretty similar to Apple’s philosophy, but I really do not know too much about them to tell the truth.

I do not want to have any guy from Apple to tell me how I can use my phone. I am sure that Tim Cook is an okay guy and I got nothing against him, but he can manage his own phone and stay out of mine. With an Apple device they want to restrict what you can do. Of course they claim that this makes it safer, but in fact it is quite obvious that the primary purpose is to make sure that they get a cut before you do any stuff on your phone. They just want to sell you the phone and then use it to get more and more money from you.