We Needed a Cup Filler

 November 8, 2015      

My wife and I started our own business about 20 years ago. When we first started, we sold just one item, which was a homemade soup packet. We created it ourselves and sold it to local restaurants. Soon, we had so many people asking if we would sell directly to them. That started a new branch of our business, and we now package nearly a dozen different soup mixes for stores and restaurants in six states. One of the first things we had to do when we decided to go full scale was look at automatic cup fillers.

When it was just the two of us handling a few restaurants and stores, we were able to handle the packaging needs ourselves. When we started to grow though, we needed to become not only more efficient but also more professional too. That is why we started looking at cup fillers from different manufacturers. When we saw the different machines that Spee-Dee offers to their clients, we knew that they were the company that we wanted to buy from. When we started looking into these companies nearly 18 years ago, Spee-Dee had such a great reputation, and they continue to build upon that today.

We purchased our first cup filler from them, and it made everything so much better for us. We were able to mass produce our product like never before, which is why we were able to expand our selling area to surrounding states as well. We ended up purchasing another cup filler from them because we were too short sighted on our first purchase, and we needed one that would be able to fill more packages at a faster pace. The one we use now has been in operation for nearly 15 years, and we still use the original one too!