Using a Weather Station at Home

 March 20, 2015      

We have a weather station at our house. It has an anemometer, humidity sensor and two digital thermometers. One is a sensor outside with another inside. The neat thing is that it has more than two channels for thermometers. We bought a couple more to install. Now we have one in the attic and another in the garden shed. I can tell when the attic is too cool or warm and control ventilation. I even can check to see if I need to be concerned about our power equipment in the shed. It can get really hot in there in the summer and really cold in the winter time.

The receiving station is hanging on the wall in our kitchen. I give it a glance before I go to work to get an idea of whether or not to dress lighter or bring a heavier coat. The information for our local area is better than what I get by checking the weather online. They never have the temperature right for the valley here. We are sort of in a microclimate. In the winter I look at the thermometer to know whether to use the expensive ice melting stuff or if good old rock salt will work. Rock salt only works down to a certain temperature, but the other stuff is more expensive. The digital thermometers save us money that way. You might not think it adds up, but we have about 900 feet of sidewalk. It does add up here.

Looking at the current wind speed, temperature and humidity helps me to make up my own pretty accurate forecast for our area. I get it right pretty much all of the time now. I do not even need to watch the weather. My little weather station and a look outside helps me figure out what it will be like at least into the evening. Plus, it is a fun hobby.