Urban plus size clothing tips: accentuate your figure

 March 21, 2014      

The art of looking fabulous does not mean that you have to be slim or even skinny. In fact, for overweight women, stylish is achievable! For metropolitan mavens, urban plus size clothing stores have become one of an ideal inspiration for large size figures.

Being stylish and looking fab aren’t about how much your dress costs. It only takes a confident and know how to style yourself. Here are some of the useful tips for urban plus size clothing.

urbanplussizedclothingChoose dark colors

Colorful dress draws attention. If you want everyone to turn their heads to your outfit, it’s better to make it a great turn. Dark colored dress hides some unwanted-to-be-seen areas of your body.

It’s important to choose dark color background and bright color as the highlight. So, if you want to show off your curvy waist, highlight the part and make everything else darker. Adding a bright colored belt accentuates your sleeveless brown blouse perfectly. If you want to show off that full bust, wear dark colored pants and bright colored top.

Look for smaller patterns

When picking a floral pattern dress, pick a smaller flower patter instead of the big ones. It lights down the color focus and draws attention to the overall style instead of particular pattern.

Be wise with stripes

As much as you love that horizontal stripy maxi dress, don’t buy it. Vertical stripes are the best dress you can get for your plus size figure. To trick the style, you can use horizontal stripe patterns to highlight your bust area and pair it with plain colored skirt or leggings.

However, if you don’t want any attraction goes to your bustline, you should choose an outfit vertical stripes that creates taller and slimmer figure. You don’t have to pay very much for this either. This post has some good tips on cheap urban plus sized clothing.

Wear colors that flatter

Don’t settle for your favorite color because your favorite shade may not be perfect when applied to your figure. It takes a conscious mind to understand what kinds of colors that looks good on your skin as well as your body shape.

Pink is a contrast color that will turn heads, while pastels are those shady earthy toned colors that will create a warm and graceful style. If you want to brighten up particular area on your upper body, choose soft yellow color that could make your skin glow or subtle green that won’t create too much contrast to your skin.

No ruffle please!

Ladies, while ruffles may be cute to see, don’t put it on. Ruffles are good to make layers for thin figure who want to look busty. But for full bust women, ruffles create a disaster. If you want to look smaller, go for dark colors and forget ruffles.

Your color and style picks can determine how you want people to look at you. Yes, you can draw their focus on the particular area that you highlights. Above all, it’s important to know your size before you pick the color or the design.