The Facts About Saving Money with Energy Providers

 November 19, 2016      

I like those TV commercials that start out with, “Are your bills too high?” Or another favorite, “Are you paying too much?” Then they ask you for money. I remember, and this is no joke even though it sounds like one, calling to get that lower rate on my car insurance, and they wanted twice as much as I was already paying! Well, with all that nonsense I did find a way to actually save some money. In our Great State of Texas, we have energy deregulation. With that I can look at different energy providers to then pick the lowest rate with terms I can live with.

The “terms I can live with” is important. It is because different providers of energy in Texas have different terms. It is not hard to learn them and understand them. You do not have to be a lawyer. The language is pretty simple. Fixed rate means you are paying a fixed rate for your per kilowatt hour rate for electricity, or the cubic feet of gas (or therms) for your natural gas bill. A variable rate means your rate can go up. You might get in on a really low rate with that, but you need to understand that the utilities are commodities. They go up and down with the stock market. Fixed rate is usually better, but not for every person. You need to decide. I like the sure thing of fixed rate instead of the gamble of a variable rate.

Also, you need to know if your energy providers have a minimum you need to use every month. If you meet the minimum usage for a couple of years, then no worries. If you do not meet the minimum, there will be a fee assessed. Get a provider agreement where you get what you want. Not all of them have minimums. Then know how long you are in a contract for. This is because you probably want to be able to negotiate for another low rate in a year or two if yours is not guaranteed to stay at the same price. In other words, you do not want to get locked in for two years if your fixed rate is only guaranteed for one year. That’s how you do it, and you really can save some money this way.