The Best TV Provider We’ve Ever Had

 May 31, 2015      

When my husband retired, we both knew we were going to move to Florida. We had no problem selling our home in Pennsylvania, and we bid adieu to the cold winters. I knew that the only thing we would have possibly missed other than our friends was seeing our favorite football team play. We both grew up watching the Steelers, but we knew that we would not see most of the games in Florida. My friend told me to look at DirecTV though, and that is how I found out about

We have always had cable, so even thinking about satellite was a foreign notion to me. It did not take long for me to get out of the cable camp and into DirecTV’s though. Not only would we be able to see the Steelers play thanks to the Sunday Ticket, but we would also be able to watch the teams in their division play too, which is something that we had not been able to do that often before. Since we had never been customers before, we were able to get all kinds of deals too.

The first was free installation and free equipment. The second was a promotional price that we were able to lock in for two years. No matter what, our price cannot be increased because of this lock. Also, we were able to get free programming. The Sunday Ticket is free for us the first year, and it is a very low cost each year after. Also, we get all of the premium channels free for three months. I honestly don’t see how they can afford to give so much away when their programming costs are already lower than what we had been paying for cable. I signed on the dotted line though, and we have the best TV provider we have ever had now.