Sometimes You Need Paid Help to Gain Interest

 September 5, 2015      

While I have been on the Internet for years, I really did not spend a lot of time online previously. I used it for finding a recipe or keeping up with family and friends through email. I joined a couple of social networking sites, but did not spend a lot of time on them because I was so busy taking care of my business. I really wanted to make a push to find new customers, and fellow business friends said that I needed to step up my social networking game to buy real active Instagram followers so that my business will look very popular online.

I joined the site and quickly learned my way around it. I noticed that a lot of businesses use the site to post photos of their products as well as photos of employee events and other interesting things to gain interest and get other people to follow them. This seemed easy enough to do, but I was perplexed as to why after two months on the site, I only had a handful of followers. The people who were following me commented often when I posted photos, and they loved my posts. Why weren’t the masses rushing to follow me, too?

It turns out that people like to do what other people are doing. If they don’t see a lot of customers following a particular account, they seem to notice you less. When they think that you are popular, this triggers them to feel that you must be worth paying attention to, and they want to do the same that others are doing. So, I found a company that you can sign up with and they have many accounts already set up that can follow your account. I signed up and the next morning, I woke up to 500 new followers. Over the next month, this caught the interest of other users and I gained 100 other new people who began watching my account. Real users! Because of this, I’ll do the same thing again this next month to see how well that does, too.