Shopping for Cyber Monday Deals at Walmart

 November 4, 2015      

One of my favorite shopping days used to be Black Friday. My sister and I would take a nap after Thanksgiving dinner, then we would head out about an hour before midnight so we could get a good spot in the line at our favorite store, Walmart. When she moved 400 miles away, it was not nearly as fun to go out on my own. That is when I turned to Cyber Monday instead, since it was something we could still kind of do together. I did a search for Walmart Cyber Monday deals for 2015 because I wanted to see if there were any indications of what their deals would be like this year.

I was not able to find anything on their website, but I did find a website that has a lot of very useful information about Cyber Monday sales and deals. This site has a listing of all the major stores that have incredible Cyber Monday deals, and they will compare them to show people like me which store has an item for the best price. I could not believe my luck in finding a site that does all of the homework and leaves me just with the fun of getting great deals at incredible prices.

When I showed it to my sister, she was just as excited as me. We have never done a video chat on Cyber Monday before, but that is what we are planning on doing this year. We are going to help each other get the best deals possible, which is going to be a piece of cake now that we have found this site. I cannot wait for Cyber Monday now. It is going to be a different shopping experience for us, but it is going to be a fun one regardless!