Sheet Metal Stamping Company Technology at the Forefront of Product Innovation

 November 6, 2015      

We designed a product that needed to be assembled in an outer case made of metal. The metal could be easily formed for the inner structure using stamping and bending methods. The outer shell needed to be made of metal and stamped, but it also needed to be rolled, shaped, crimped, welded and anodized. We needed the services of a high capacity and experienced sheet metal stamping company to make the product case for us.

You have seen products made of metal in our plastic world. The cases of desktop computers, microwaves, game consoles and other consumer items are made by a sheet metal stamping company. Some companies have more experience, abilities and technical mastery than others. For example, all of the holes in our stamped inner metal housing had to be deburred to be perfectly smooth. The bends had to be precise for each piece so it would fit within the close tolerances of the outer metal housing.

Plastic is seen in pretty much all consumer products to one degree or another, but metal is still the king for some applications where strength and durability are required. The outer housing of our metal encased product had to be completely weatherproof. Plastic could do that, but it also had to withstand arctic and desert temperatures. Most plastics get brittle in the cold or soft in the extreme heat. Metals are a better choice when this durability is required.

We think the outer housings of our electronic product are works of art. From the conception in the minds of our engineers to the meticulously crafted work of the sheet metal stamping company that produces them for us. We could use cheaper methods and less durable materials, but then it would be the other guy’s product and not ours. If you want quality and durability, look at what today’s metal and sheet metal stamping can do for your product ideas.