Postcards Are My Advertising Tool

 December 2, 2015      

When I first opened up my plumbing business, I thought that word of mouth would be good enough for me. Well, it has not hurt, that’s for sure, but I quickly discovered that I could not solely rely on it. I looked over the different advertising methods I could do, and I decided that a direct mailing would probably net me the most new customers. I did a search for discount postcard printing because I did not have a big budget at all at first. I needed to find a company that was inexpensive but had quality products still.

It did not take me long to find the company that I wanted to use for my direct mailing postcards. 55printing is a reputable company that has some incredible prices. In addition to that, they have a wide range of postcards available. I was really impressed when I saw that not only do they have different sizes, but I could also order postcards in unique shapes too. I thought that I would end up going with just a rectangular postcard, but there were others that caught my attention much more than the standard kind of postcard.

I knew that I was going to order from them, but I still had some questions. Someone was able to help me though through their chat on the site, and all of my questions were answered quickly. Their customer service is superb too, which is another reason why I wanted to go with them. I ordered 1,000 postcards from them, because I wanted to test the market first. I had a really good response from them, and I now do regular mailings using the postcards from this site. It is inexpensive and extremely effective, and my business is steadier than I ever could have imagined it to be.