Nike Golf Balls: What Ones Are The Best?

 January 7, 2015      

Golf is a sport that has become popular over the years. It is no longer a reserve of the rich as most people would think. With more people playing it, the demand for golf balls, golf sticks and other accessories is always growing. To satisfy this demand, a company like Nike, which was traditionally manufacturing sportswear, started producing and selling golf gears and equipment. Some of the Nike Golf Balls in shops today are: Nike RZN which comes in Black, Platinum, White and Red; Nike Power Distance which comes in Long Distance, Long, Distance and Distance Soft Editions and finally, Nike Vapor Black 2.0 and Nike One RZN X.

Selecting Nike Golf Balls

There are several Nike golf balls ( available in the market today and selecting the best will ensure you achieve great performance during the game. Some of the tips that will help you get the best Nike ball include:

· Select a golf ball based on one’s personal preferences and skill level. This is because Nike balls are manufactured basing on distance, control and spin. If you are a low handicap player, select a ball designed for extra spin to ensure better scoring in short games. A high handicap player should select one designed for better control and additional distance.

· Another aspect to consider is the compression speed and rating. Nike Golf balls with compression ratings of more than 100 are suitable for golfers whose swings can carry the drive beyond 240 yards while in air. On the other hand, golfers with slow swing speeds should consider balls with compression ratings ranging from 80 to 90.

· Nike designs golf balls using two-piece, three-piece or multilayer designs. It is therefore important to analyze the construction of the ball while selecting since, three-piece are designed for those who prefer extra backspin whereas the multilayer designs help to reduce the spin effect.

· Finally, an assessment of your own game and your weaknesses will help you select the best Nike Golf Balls. For instance, a long distance ball will help you increase your driver length while a ball with additional spin will always stick after hitting greens.

Analysis of the Nike Golf Balls

· The Nike RZN brands go for $25 to $46 and their design is based on minimizing spin during long drives. They use the Speedlock Technology which ensures energy is transferred efficiently in comparison to the speed of your clubface.

· The Nike Power Distance brands go for $16 to $25. These Nike Golf Balls have reduced compression and its cover is well softened aerodynamically. These ensure better control during short games and enhanced distance coverage.

What Nike Golf Balls are the best?

The Nike RZN brands are the best since their core allow them to move at high velocity over a long distance. Additionally, their ionomer covers are well softened with aerodynamic properties for added roll and better ball fight. Finally, they have an improved feel. It is however important to understand that each different brand has its unique properties. This should guide your selection of the best golf balls.