Golf Shoe Reviews – What New Balance Golf Shoes Are The Best?

 January 7, 2015      

New Balance is an established sneaker manufacturer, but it is a new player in the golf shoe market. This didn’t stop the company going all out when it launched its first golf shoe range in 2014 with no fewer than six different styles. This means that it already has an impressive range of shoes for all levels of golfer.

New Balance has worked extensively with tour professionals and other golfers, and drew on its own extensive experience to ensure that the range has something for everyone. Make sure you read some Golf Shoe Reviews before you buy a pair of New Balance footwear. The Best Golf Shoe Reviews like those on are the ones you should consider.

So, given that all New Balance Golf Shoes are fresh to the market, how do you choose the right shoe for your style of golf?

Read on for the best tips!

There are three basic criteria to use when approaching these New Balance Golf Shoes.

  1. Weight. Do you prefer a lighter shoe or one which is heavier and more supportive?
  2. Cleated or Spikeless?
  3. Look and feel. Are you happy with a golf shoe which looks like a sneaker, or do you prefer the more traditional look?


Probably the most important deciding factor in this category is: How much golf do you play?

I you play on the weekends and are looking for the maximum traction, support, durability and balance, coupled with a more traditional look and feel, then the Golf 2001 shoe is probably for you.

On the other hand, the semi-pro, college or pro golfer who plays a lot of golf every day, will be looking for a much lighter shoe, with greater feel for the surface beneath the feet. For this type of golfer, New Balance has drawn on the technology of minimal running to create the Minimus Sport Golf shoe.

Cleated or Spikeless?

Here the New Balance Golf Shoes divide neatly into two camps.

On the cleated side, you have the Golf 574, Golf 2002 and Golf 2001. With the exception of the Golf 2001, the shoes here are sneaker-based, with the Golf 574 being derived from the company’s popular sneaker of the same name.

For fans of spikeless golf shoes, there are again the Minumus shoes, the Minumus Sport Golf, Miinumus LX and Pink Ribbon Minimus LX for female players. All feature a pedigree which derives from the minimal running movement, so you can expect shoes which are low, snug and lightweight.

Look and Feel

How you feel about your style and presence on the golf course does matter, and lightweight, sneaker-based golf shoes are not to everyone’s taste.

This is where the Golf 2001 shoe comes in. It will not stand out and make you look foolish if the boss happens to stop by the golf club. The design is assured, powerful and stylish, with all the right features you expect to assist you in your game.


New Balance have truly produced an extensive and excellent range of shoes here, the prices for which go from the sub one-hundred to over one-hundred and fifty dollar mark. Since the New Balance Golf Shoes are targeted at a variety of player and playing styles, and since they are so new, we would highly recommend a visit to your local golf store or pro shop to check them out for yourself.