Getting Air Fixed Through Aircon

 February 23, 2015      

I was just browsing the internet, which is what I usually do at this time of day. It is not time for me to leave work yet, but I do not really have anything left to do, and so I am rather bored. To try to distract myself from my boredom, I browse the internet, and see what I can find to amuse myself with. I saw this great Aircon promotion on the web, and it was really a great commercial. I have not see an air conditioning repair commercial with such high production value in my life, but it got me to thinking, and I remembered that my air conditioning is not really working right at my house.

I mean, it is still working, but it is not the way that it should be working. By that I mean that it running, and does cool the house some, but it does not cool the house down as much as it used to, and it does not cool it down as fast as it used to either. It is really quite annoying, and something that I have wanted to get fixed for a long time, but sadly, I just haven’t remembered to get it fixed.

I keep forgetting that it is an issue, until once day when I am hot and I remember that my air conditioning isn’t working right, then I chide myself for forgetting to get it fixed. But now, I am going to make sure that I remember to check this out and give this company a call when I get home. I would do it right now, but I am still at work and it would probably seem a bit unprofessional to make personal calls while I am at work, so I will avoid doing that, in case my boss catches me.