Footjoy Golf Shoes – Are They Any Good?

 September 4, 2014      

Popularity of playing golf is rising day by day. If you are a newbie and want to get your first pair of golf shoes than some key things you must consider. If you want just replace of your old ones than just buy shoes that doesn’t have the cons of your old ones. Though there is variety of factors to be considered before buying golf shoes, buying from popular brand will lead you satisfaction very often. One of the best things you can do is read a few Golf Shoe Reviews like this before you buy. Footjoy Golf Shoes have great reviews written about them.

Footjoy is a most popular brand among the world. Therefore, you can definitely keep it on your list while searching for golf shoes. Below I will give you some tips to choose your best Footjoy Golf Shoes:

1. DESIGN: Design is the most important things while buying any kind of shoes. As golf is a one player game, choosing fashionable design shoes will increase your support and confident. Footjoy have wide variety of golf shoes with various styles and colors. Pick one that suits you and give a fashionable look. 

2. Spikes or No Spikes: For playing golf, traction of golf shoes is very important. For producing traction spikes are provided on most of the golf shoes. However, today golf shoes without spikes are gaining popularity. Manufacturer’s claims that golf shoes without spikes can produce same traction as with spikes in dry condition due to advancement of technology. In hilly courses spikes are must but if you are in dry condition then golf shoes without spike may be preferable. Footjoy provide both types of golf shoes and you have to choose right one according to your condition. 

3. Size and Fitting: Perfect size and fitting is paramount important for golf shoes. Loose fit shoes will slide while your swing and it may break your concentration. If the size is too small then it will torture you. You have to know the perfect size while buying Footjoy Golf Shoes. If you buying from local stores than you can give it a try to judge the fitting but if you buy from online than you must have to know your perfect size of shoes. 

4. Flexibility: The shoes must be flexible to ensure its durability. However, if you buy Footjoy golf shoes than you skip this from your concerns. As Footjoy always concern about their shoes durability. 

5. Comfort: Comfort of shoes should have to consider. Your shoes might have good traction and fitting but if did not feel comfortable then you might reject this after few days. Please check the features of the golf shoes and read reviews to know about comfort ability. Footjoy concerns about its shoes comfort and that’s why most of their golf shoes are very comfortable. 

6. Waterproof: There might be rain or dew in the golf course and your golf shoes must have to be waterproof. While buying Footjoy golf shoes, you have to check waterproof features. 

Footjoy brings lots of stylish golf shoes for men and women that you can check out. For men, some popular models are FJ icon, FJ sport, Countour, FJ Superlites and more. For women, some popular models are Dryjoys, Lopro, Greenjoys, FJ limited and more.