Essential Tips in Choosing the Right Golf Shoes to Wear

 May 11, 2014      

Golf shoes are important in giving golfers an edge in winning games. Having sharp skills and high-quality clubs will not matter when you are too distracted on the shoes that you’re wearing. Although some golfers may not be distracted to wearing uncomfortable shoes, yet it can have an impact on the way they swing or move. It is very essential for a golfer to know how to find the right golf shoes to wear.

Wearing the wrong shoes in a game of golf can somehow offset your stance and swings. Other than that, you are walking through long distances of greens that can sometimes become wet. For this reason, you need to find the best golf shoes that fit perfectly on your feet and durable enough to last for many games.

First, you need to know if the shoes will perfectly fit in your feet. Try walking around if they feel comfortable of not, and you can also try doing stances and swings to be sure that it doesn’t hinder your movements. Also, it’s best to choose shoes that have memory foam on it. These types of golf shoes will reshape themselves to match the contour of your foot, which also move accordingly to the movement of your feet and ankles.

Today, there are three materials used in golf shoes; leather, polyester, and Gore-Tex. The classical leather shoes are the most popular and are quite stylish. They are also waterproof and highly durable against many environmental factors. Most leather shoes also mold to the feet of the golfer and breathable, keeping the feet dry.

Golf Shoes

Polyester is a lot thinner, lighter, and cheaper. Though comfortable, polyester golf shoes are not as durable as the leather shoes, and not waterproof. The new heavy duty material called Gore-Tex is way better than the polyester, and great to use during cold weathers. The material is thick, durable, waterproof, and still breathable.

If you have a budget and you play golf most of the time or in leagues, then you might want to choose leather and Gore-Tex golf shoes. If you only play for fun and occasionally, you can use polyester shoes. Either way, it will depend on your preference on what shoes you feel comfortable to walk around with.

Spikes on the shoes are also important because it allows the golfer to do more stable swings. Spikes usually are made of metal or plastic. Plastic spikes are cheaper and great for different types of surfaces while the metal ones are expensive but highly durable. You should choose plastic ones if you intend to walk on hard surfaces, or if you don’t want to damage the greens.

Lastly, be sure that the shoes you will buy will look good on you. Believe it or not, a golfer’s appearance can affect his or her performance. They don’t have to be expensive as any shoes that fit your wardrobe and are very comfortable to wear are good enough. In choosing golf shoes, all you have to remember is comfort ability, budget friendly, and support you well in every golf game.