Energy Prices Dropping or Rising

 December 19, 2014      

I was reading the news and I was astounded by the fact that we now, as a country, produce nearly as much, or maybe slightly more oil, on a daily basis, as Saudi Arabia. Kind of strange times, but there are a lot of new technologies that are designed to take advantage of oil reserves that used to be economically infeasible. I wonder what the cost to the environment will be. I am looking into a few options right now. I am reading about Reliant Energy in Plano and the prices that they have.

Apparently their prices are cheaper than the company I am getting my electricity from now, and maybe I should make the switch to get a cheaper price for my electricity. That would be cool, but i don’t know how realistic it is going to be as a long term strategy for saving money. Just because they have cheaper prices now, does not mean that will be the case down the road, and it may be that they will not have cheaper prices at some point down the road from now. I am not sure what I should do, but I do want to get the cheapest electricity out there.

I anticipate that prices will drop in the near future, across the board. I am sure glad that I am not living in a state where energy is regulated. I was reading about the coal ash spills in North Carolina, and how some of the damage, in terms of clean-up costs, were passed onto the citizens. That seems like a monopoly or something, and does not really sound like capitalism to me. It is really ridiculous, to be honest, and I would have to leave that state, if that were to happen to me while I was living there.