ECCO Golf Shoes – Which Pair Are The Best?

 January 7, 2015      

Golf’s popularity has grown from as long as we can remember. All this can forever in an opinion be attributed to the golf players’ association with fashion and modern trends. For instance, one would have never thought that golfers would ever require designer shoes on the course. We’ll this has changed, particularly with the golf players preference of certain types of shoes to others. Golf shoe reviews for 2014 like this site indicate that ECCO is one of the top brands.

This preferences lead to the growth of ECCO golf shoes which in deed comes in a variety. Still, with the popularity of these types of shoes among golf players, there emerges the problem of choice. Yes, the perfect design is the ECCO golf shoes, but it comes in three varieties making it hard for both women and men alike to make choice. These shoes are grouped as either BIOM, cleated or Hybrid.

What’s the difference between the three, so you ask?

BIOM types of ECCO golf shoes were created with the sole purpose of enabling the golf players walk just like nature intended them to. With this, the foot’s adaptation to various surfaces, shock absorption, and response to stress are enhanced and not hindered like in the traditional golf shoes. If you are that type of person who values his or her freedom of movement for healthy and stronger feet as well as enhancement of your athletic performance, then you should know that these are the perfect type of shoes for you. You only need that type of shoe that doesn’t limit your will to move your legs and BIOM are the best ECCO golf shoes in this case.

Golf requires an individual to look smart always. This therefore means fashion should never elude golfers. At the same time, a good number of golf players are active movers during the games and may end up sweating on their feet. How do you prevent this? Proper aeration in the feet is important. That is why you need that type of ECCO golf shoes that will take care of your sweaty foot, so as not to get embarrassed and for self-confidence. The Cleated type of ECCO golf shoes offers to take care of your sweaty feet during games. It boasts hydromax technology that protects against moisture, giving you maximum freshness, as well as leather outsole that enhances the durability of the type of shoes.

Talk of traction. When golfers swing, they need not only an outstanding but maximum stability to make that perfect swing. Besides, when walking, a golfer’s flexibility should never be compromised. That is why, with changes in the weather condition, a player should not make a bad swing due to the inability to have a proper grip on the ground. This where the Hybrid type of ECCO golf shoes come in. It boasts of over a hundred molded traction bars with over five hundred grip angles for stability in all conditions. The flexible sole that bends to match every position of the feet also plays a major role in allowing the free movement of the feet.

It is clearly important that you get to choose that type of ECCO golf shoes that you want, based on the major features of that particular shoes.