Cold pressed juicer and it’s benefits

 March 25, 2014      

Designed for people who are aware of their health and want a greater variety of squeezed cold pressed juices, this juicer has the ability to squeeze everything from fruit and vegetables to wheatgrass and strong vegetables. This kind of juicer is easy to store and is recommended for people with active lifestyles but healthy and large families.

Cold pressed juicers have many specification that make them perfect health solutions (they are available in two options with or without centrifugal movement):

  • -the automatic cleaning; silicone blades function as rotary brush cleaning screen and sides of the bowl / of leftovers after the juice is made.
  • -have a low-speed mastication function to extract the most nutritious substances by the action of crushing and slowly chewing.
  • – is a multifunctional device that squeeze fruits and vegetables and herbs, chops, grinds, and makes food for newborns, makes pasta, sorbet, cheese, tofu, and others.
  • – filters at least 70 % of toxic agrochemicals (insecticides , herbicides );
  • – extract with 25 % more juice and 400% more minerals and vitamins than any other juicer;
  • – have bioceramic axes which emit infrared remotes and a strong magnetic field (life – force energy very beneficial);
  • – turn the juice into a more colloidal and ionic absorption enhancing and improving the quality of taste;
  • – is multifunctional – produces juice and soy milk to perfect pasta;
  • – the special vessel collection maintains fresh juice 72 hours without losing its nutritional qualities and without oxide and prevents frothing;
  • – is a silent juicer-low noise, high quality juice – low rotational speed (160 rpm), the unique push two grooved axes and pressing system generates virtually no heat or a little juice could cause distortion;
  • – quickest and easiest cleaning (within 3 minutes);
  • – simple assembly and disassembly (in 10 seconds);
  • – extract a pure and healthy juice (more juice and pulp drier);
  • – do not oxidize by oxygen juice;
  • – small rotation speeds provides the highest nutritional value and prevent the destruction of nutrients and enzymes;

Also the cold pressed juicer has special features:

  • – magnetic and bioceramic technology-uses powerful magnets and materials, Bioceramic juice collection vessel, and grooved axes thereby producing fresh juice which can be stored for longer periods;
  • – automatic removal of pulp – two adjustable pulp removals permit high levels of juice extraction;
  • – Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are crushed for good, rather than by cutting and scraping into small pieces (like centrifugal juicers).

The qualities of the juice obtained by cold pressing are of high quality and they come not oxidized, retaining its vivid colors and natural flavor, which is more intense. The juice texture remains the same throughout different storages, refrigerator or glass containers, and is foam free. To get one of these juicers, go to Juicer Reviews

Also the juice does not separate (top foam and pulp at the bottom of the glass transparent liquid), contains more vitamins, enzymes, and minerals than the juice obtained in a centrifugal drier does and the juice may be stored up to 48 hours in the refrigerator, without having to oxidize and lose its beneficial properties.

Having these specific qualities and characteristics, cold pressed juicers provide the best juice which has maintained natural properties for the good benefits of the human body.