A Tonic to Fight Gout

 September 15, 2015      

A friend of mine who was suffering from a bad case of gout in his joints didn’t believe me when I told him that pineapple juice would help it go away. He asked me for an explanation as to why pineapple juice would have any effect, but I really didn’t know. I heard about pineapple juice as a gout cure from my grandfather, who had gout before. He learned from his family that pineapple juice works and tried it for himself, and his gout went away. Of course, to my friend, this was all anecdotal evidence. He wanted something that was more rooted in science, so we went to the Internet for answers.

My friend and I searched through various medical website and the answer seemed to be that the pineapple juice reduced inflammation and helped with the digestion of protein. High protein diets can have an affect on gout by creating an abundance of uric acid. Pineapple juice wasn’t the only cure for gout that we found on the website. Ginger root, cherry juice, and turmeric can also get rid of gout. My friend had an idea of making a drink by combining pineapple and cherry juice with ground ginger root and turmeric.

The drink didn’t sound like the tastiest idea, but my friend was committed to making it. He wanted me to try a glass with him, and I reluctantly agreed. Surprisingly the juice tasted better than I thought it would. My friend drank the concoction twice a day until his gout was completely gone. I told him that he should probably cut back on all of the meat that he eats, but I don’t think he’ll take my advice on that one. At least I can gloat to him whenever he makes his pineapple drink for gout prevention.