A Nation of True Economic Freedom

 February 26, 2015      

When I was told my by employer that I would be moving to Singapore for a year, I almost put my resignation in right then and there. During the interview for this gig I was never told that I would be potentially moving across the globe – even when I was given a new position and more responsibilities I wasn’t warned of the possibility. Instead of giving my resignation I went with it; how often do you get to move on someone else’s expense. This meant I had to hire a self storage company – Store Friendly, while I was in Singapore.

There were few apartments within my budget or the company’s budget that was going to be able to afford an apartment like the one I have here in Manhattan. Heck, the only reason I can afford this place is because it was left to me by my grandfather! The rent is nearly enough to bankrupt but that’s going to be in the past, now, since I was forced to sell the apartment in order to take this position in Singapore. It’s going to be worth it – there’s no reason to cling to anything from the past, you know? Look toward the future!

Singapore has proven itself to be a country of adventure. As much as I’ve had to work while I’m here, nearly 60-70 hours a week, I’ve come to enjoy my free time here as much as I have working here. In fact I’ve come to admire the country far more than I have the United States. They have more freedoms here than America could ever hope for as long as our politicians remain as they are. My boss only wants me here for a year but I think I’ll try to stay as long as I can.